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Perils of Publishing

Printing, A Perilous Adventure As you have probably noticed, I have had several posts concerning the nature of my new book How To Do Nothing Well. I am writing these posts partly for people that are trying to publish so that a “pipeline” of what works and what does not in the modern post “everything is deplatforming everyone” era. My latest go around concerns thebookpatch.com. Here is what their site looks like as of yesterday:

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Writing My Book Using Quarto

The Perfect Book Writing Flow I am somewhere between a programmer and a writer. That means I can program, but it isn’t my first goal in life. I can write, and that is closer to my goal in life, and so where I need to, I can program. I do not program for the joy of it, though. Never have. When I program it is strictly for a result or functionality I did not have before.

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