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Gemini Protocol And Other Things

Gemini Protocol There are lots of people out there that, in one way or another, are hankering for a more “innocent” version of the internet or at least what they remember as being a more innocent version of the internet. Mostly, what they really mean to say is that they are seeking a version of the internet “before advertising and corporations and tracking” and all manner of other things that the internet has become.

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The Crypto Card Fold--Something Fishy

Note: I’ve posted this elsewhere but am posting it here for the sake of continuity. Second note to Fold PR: Since this blog was in my email links to you, I am sure you can now appreciate that I am who I said I was. Final note: if you are an author, check out my author webring: Behold! Fold Sounds Possibly Cool Fold is a card that claims to support lightning rewards.

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Site Features and Prophecies

New Technologies Some time ago I implemented Coil on this site. If you have not heard of Coil, and odds are you have not, you will understand why I am not using it on the site now. The idea behind it, however, was good. Monetizing content creators or independent authors is what it is supposed to do, but requires a “buy-in” of five dollars monthly. Since I have had months where five dollars was the difference between making rent or missing it, and because there was not wide adoption of Coil, I stopped using it.

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