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Know Your Privacy Rights

Some Days It Feels Like You Wake Up In The Twilight Zone Today, one of the first things brought to my attention are various articles about how HIPPA does not prevent a business from asking about your Covid vaccination. The first thing that I thought about that was “Well, duh, HIPAA is mostly law about how hospitals and medical places have to handle your medical data.” In other words, if you transfer medical information around, how are places that get that data to handle the info?

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The Year the Status Quo Broke Into Itty Bitty Pieces

Flashback to Twelve Years Ago Or So… Picture this, if you will. A man sits in a basement surrounded by decently nice computer equipment. In his monitor he begins to type on his blog, which in 2008 is a “fairly big deal”. The lines he pecks out read “I believe America could be made Great Again.”. Indeed, such a man would perhaps be caught in the machinations of fate unwittingly. The slogan is self-evident and not especially novel, but no one is saying it.

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