That Time I Was A State Representative

Once Upon A Time


When I was about 16, I was elected as the state representative of Kentucky to go to Whitewater, Wisconsin and discuss World Affairs. I was one of two people selected to go, and it was, among other things, a very memorable experience. The time period of this journey was during the Clinton years, and there were two large things going on as far as regional concerns/competitions at that time. One of those was the thing for which I mentioned I was chosen above, and the second thing we had going on was something called “APES” which stood for “American Private Enterprise System” or something pretty close to it. Right around the time I was preparing to go on this trip, they had another conference for APES where they sent who was the acting county attorney to come talk to us. He decided, among other things, to argue about the morality of the Clintons.

Whitewater, Clintons…

In Whitewater, we were also discussing the Clintons as the scandal involving President Clinton’s sexual proclivities was becoming known. The height of that scandal would come a few years later, but people were already thinking about what was or was not impeachable with regard to the conduct of their Commander in Chief. I was not a Clinton fan then, nor am I one now. Back then the hot topic issues concerned Free Trade and Constitutionality of what was or was not impeachable.

The Attorney Arrives

I remember the attorney arriving to speak with us, and he decided he would argue the sexual morality of the Clinton’s with us. While we were discussing the matter, I referred to the definition of the Commander in Chief concerning having a “moral core”. In other words, it was widely known and also defined somewhat in the job description of the President of the United States that he also had the duty to be the chief moral citizen of the country. In other words, he did not have to be perfect as a human being, but he ought to be trying pretty hard to live the values of the United States in an ideal sense within his life.

The Rebuttal of Mr. Miller

Mr. Miller, which was his name, replied that he was “not aware of any moral clause” that concerned the morality of the Chief Magistrate of the land. Now, had we been in a court of law, we know that a court would say ignorance is no excuse when it comes to legal matters, but Mr. Miller used this ignorance as his raison d’etre for dismissing my argument. If I had given him commentary from sitting presidents, do you suppose it would have mattered? How about the Constitution and then the duties of the president as defined in that document? Here is the role of “chief citizen” which encompasses having a “moral core” defined somewhat: In other words, throwing a baseball is part of the “chief citizen” deal–along with the American ideals that go along with whatever that game represents.

Meanwhile In Whitewater

Arguments ensued about Adam Smith’s economic theories and whether “invisible hands” really governed the flow of things and was the right way for economy to be wrangled and how such ideas did or did not work against matters like NAFTA. Since everyone there was relatively young and from across the entire world, most all arguments were being driven by ideals of one kind or another. Most people of the Democratic mindset were quite concerned about the environment and saving the Earth from impending climate change. There were keystone speakers who spoke on certain topics and some had interesting perspectives and some did not. Regardless, everyone was given a chance to speak. I left the event with a much larger view of the world as I had met people from all nationalities and I understood something of the trouble the world has when it comes to governments. I did not feel, however, that we really accomplished anything other than talking about variables that ultimately we would have no control over unless we somehow convinced other people who were not there, and did not have the frame of reference, to listen to our experiences.

And It All Came Down To Mr. Miller

And the problem all ultimately came down to Mr. Miller. At a local level, attorneys are paid to win arguments. They should have a code of conduct and understand basic constitutional premises, but they do not necessarily care to do that or have a need to do that since they are not there to represent the people. Though I had seen the national level, the local level, it seemed to me, was the place to start making a difference.

Mr. Miller and His Personal Life

The little town I lived near at that point was always gossipy, and so there was some less than pleasant gossip concerning Mr. Miller and his own sexual inclinations. I would learn about this matter later, and I suppose it would not matter to me except for the fact that was the very thing he was arguing. I am left to wonder then whether he had a vested interest? Was he arguing the situation to help teach us, or to defend something about his own life that would threaten his position potentially?

Which Brings Us to a Central Point

What you choose to do with your sexual life is your own choice. However, when you are a public figure, when your own choices are interfering with world policy, I think you are an unfit leader and constitutionally should not be allowed to continue in your position. At both points, there was a sexual discussion going on that should have had nothing to do with political matters. Our leaders, one through being drunk on power and the attorney who I would say was drunk on winning the argument no matter how silly his objection to my argument was, are really both microcosms of each other. I do not know whether they were also both Democrats, but that would be another layer to the analysis.

And The Biggest Point of All

If everyone with power is weaving a web to cover one another’s asses because they can’t control what they put their dicks in, they REALLY cannot represent the people of the United States and this land. We would not put up with that behavior out of grade school children, so why do we rationalize it at national levels? I understand human beings are multifaceted and sexual things happen, but in the friggin’ OVAL Office? Come on now. Ignorance of the law, Mr. Miller, of what the US Constitution does or does not say should have disqualified you from teaching kids and practicing law.

JB Schirtzinger

Jacksonville, USA
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