Stripe's Evident Conflict of Interest


Something Is Rotten In Stripe Land

As I have shown elsewhere in a long correspondence with Stripe elsewhere, I got the rug yanked out from supporting my small church with small books in a most puzzling manner. First, the accusation was crowdfunding, and after that was all cleared up as rubbish, some generic “you are too risky to do business with” garbage followed. Well, I think I found the issue. It’s right here:

We Call This a Conflict of Interest

So a payment processor is getting into the book selling field and decides that a place that is trying to sell used books for a church is “too risky to do business with”? Right? Notice that the above link both sells books and suggests it is about “progress”. Now, that progress would not be some vaguely defined communist ideal would it? Well, let’s look at what passes for something spiritual and is a book for sale on there:

“We are as gods and might as well get good at it,” wrote Stewart Brand in 1968, as the opening sentence to the now iconic Whole Earth Catalog. For decades, Brand has had an uncanny ability to push “ideas that seem at the edge of believability,” accelerating progress in culture, technology, environmentalism, and more. His approach to work and life influenced many technologists who have gone on to shape our modern world, including Steve Jobs.

Really Stripe? You are going to push this quote from the Bible, which is a misquote, I might add, to push this agenda?

Hacker News

Hacker News pretty much consistently, despite the evidence, is on the Stripe train. I’m not surprised by that, since most of those guys work in technology and we wouldn’t want to piss off the Stripe Gods now, would we? Well, here is the deal–when your payment processor is in other businesses, it can start pushing on those businesses where it should have absolutely no input at all. In this case, it pushed on a church and its ability to receive money, I contend, due to an agenda and a desire to sell books to a certain audience. If the technology people at Hacker News can’t see this fact, then really they don’t deserve to be in science or technology. The church is too risky to do business with, although it did for years, but science and technology and basically lifting one’s self up as some Luciferic God is totally in bounds, right? Right.

Time to Own Up, Technology People

I don’t see technology and faith as being at odds with one another. I think if you try to replace faith WITH technology, you are in for a hurting. I think if you become arrogant with technology and try to use it to subdue faith, you are also in for a deep, deep hurting. I think if either side of the equation starts trying to censor the other party without an extremely good reason, there is going to be immense danger still. It isn’t really a battle this technology and faith concept. Indeed, faith gave birth to science, and science to technology. Trying to cut the root of the tree is a great way to get a lot of rotten fruit.


I accuse you, Stripe, of picking and choosing what payment processing you will support knowing full well you have a stranglehold on the donation market and the subsequent API’s associated with it. I don’t know what to make yet of Hacker News, but I will say there are a lot of smart people there than turn off their brains and become willing shills. Are you really being paid that much by your robot overlords, Hacker News shills?

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