The Year the Status Quo Broke Into Itty Bitty Pieces

Flashback to Twelve Years Ago Or So…


Picture this, if you will. A man sits in a basement surrounded by decently nice computer equipment. In his monitor he begins to type on his blog, which in 2008 is a “fairly big deal”. The lines he pecks out read “I believe America could be made Great Again.”. Indeed, such a man would perhaps be caught in the machinations of fate unwittingly. The slogan is self-evident and not especially novel, but no one is saying it. The comments he gets on his article ask a question in earnest–when was America “great”. Indeed, these people list the grievances they have of all the inequalities in the country not at all addressing those actions which have been implemented to help correct them. Such a man, in the final years of acquiring his degree for Telecom, such a man would probably not have imagined that in twelve short years the level of instability that would take place as a great plague would be unleashed upon the nation in the form of an alleged bio-weapon. Indeed, such a man who would be writing at that point would definitely not anticipate the shortness of the attention spans that would be parsing such key information and since twitter had not yet begun its meteoric ascent, microblogging would not seem to be a natural extension of life. No, such a man would understand older tomes with their lengthy descriptions of things and demand that one must sit and read them carefully over a period of weeks. One was once called “classically educated” for doing this. Now, no one can agree on what a book or an author is or who owns one.

If You Hadn’t Figured It Out…

That guy from twelve years ago was me. Even then, however, I had been of the opinion that our reality was changing in ways that were not sustainable. Even then, I was not entirely fond of what passed for a “liberal education”. Indeed, it seemed to me much sleight-of-hand was at work. I settled on IT because IT work had distinct, unarguable (mostly) answers. I had a job of sorts then as well as acquaintances. Most of these acquaintances, in hindsight, were mere associations of convenience. In truth, there was nothing lasting in those associations because nothing lasted. Instead, we were merely sojourners on a similar journey sharing the roadway for a time. Perhaps if I had known that then, my choices would have been different–or perhaps the world has changed. Indeed, something has changed because whereas once we could basically agree on the rudiments of reality, it is clear we no longer can manage to do so.

My Revolutionary Book

I did, shortly before this current Covid crisis, release a book on meditation that I said was Revolutionary. The time for change was upon us, and has been quite in earnest since 2017. Those who encountered me previous to this time know well what my message was, though they seem to have a form of collective amnesia. I wonder, does Covid erase your memory? Or, is it rather, that if someone foresees such a problem and warns you of it, it is better that they not exist in your conception of the world since that would mean something quite scary concerning the nature and status of the country?

How I Have Spent the Time

I have spent the time in the interim watching people attempt to escape restrictions that they, on one level or another, disagree with. This year I mowed a large amount of acreage approximately twenty-five times during quite changing conditions. I likewise surveyed out, engineered and developed a networking solution for these refugees who would all be attempting to live some semblance of life as usual. In both of these matters, I achieved that which was challenging considering the chaos–a relative stability. The grass mostly stayed short. The network, by and large, worked. Oh, there were issues with those who used software like Zoom, but then, that was the fault of the software. Everyone was clamoring to get something done somehow, and for each of them it was urgent.

Except, in most cases it was not. I think about all those who were supposed to be assisting in some way to stem the spread of Covid. Here we are now, approximately nine months later, and the infections according to the insane news media are still spiking. With all those Zoom meetings did no one have the inspiration to fix the epidemic? I am not even sure AIDS as a serious disease lasted so long at the forefront of the minds of the people.

Which Brings Me To Peter…

Also during this challenging time period, I came across some Lebanese friends who were Maronite believers of the Catholic Church. They came through the domain I occupied relatively early in the unfolding of the events that have happened. They were quite hospitable with their food as they loved to cook and regaled my wife and I with tales of being in Lebanon and having the hell blown out of their city. Each night, we learned, they had to sleep with an AK-47 under their bed. They no longer visited Lebanon because Hamas had taken the place over. I had asked if Hamas was gone if they would have gone back, and the answer was yes! Then the conversation turned to various language versions of the Lord’s prayer, and it was then my wife began to mention the sins of Peter and specifically of his Denial and if people would simply repent for that, especially those of such a church, it could change perhaps much. But what did this cigar-wielding Peter do? Did he see the truth of the situation, or do you suppose he did what Peter typically does? He became stubborn and denied such a thing was necessary. Indeed, while enjoying the fruits of the Church of Peter, he still denied.

Everyone Is In Denial

There is not going to be “any life as usual” after this sequence. The two-hundred years previous to this point were relatively peaceful because that was the time we were afforded to have relative peace. Even then, there were interruptions with various wars most notably here the Civil War which was fought on this soil. What has come to pass is such that the infrastructure as we know it cannot stand. The population of the planet is double what it was in the 1980’s. We are not utilizing the resources of this planet in such a way that that number of people will be accommodated. Perhaps if we had fewer concrete jungles we might have the ability to do something different with regard to that number in a humane way. All the while, a man in his basement approximately 12 years ago coined the slogan of a surprise election. Eight years ago, the same man began to warn of impending nastiness–plague and the medical system beginning to collapse. Seven years ago during the transit of Venus, he warned of the Mayan Long count being up, and the end of things not necessarily always being obvious. Then, after a series of blood moons and solar eclipses, he warned of more impending doom and gloom much to the delight of those around him who instead wanted him to be positive. Those warnings were not heeded though they were interpreted and their concomitant issues have come to pass. What then of the man who prognosticated them? He lives among people in denial, and so he mows grass and fixes a computer network while the world continues to teeter on the brink of disaster. He lives among a nation of Peters, who all are hoping that this is “just a really bad year”. Somewhere in the distance, though, the rooster crows three times.

JB Schirtzinger

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