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A 21st Century Declaration of Independence for the United States of America and A Constitutional Foundation Which Scales for Online Communities

JB Schirtzinger


American History And Natal Charts

The history of America is an interesting one, and there are no shortage of versions of what caused the American Revolution to occur. I do not intend to concern myself so much with those stories, other than to submit that religious freedom was a prime cause of the event, which I believe is beyond being contestable. Likewise, it is materially true that the planet Uranus, which is known as the "Revolutionary Awakener," was officially discovered in 1781 by Sir William Hershel who first believed he had seen a comet.(“Uranus” 2022) Unofficially, the planet had been sighted from the late 1600’s to the late 1700’s. During this time, matters of freedom and global upheaval were evident, and one of the events that happened five years before the official discovery was the establishment of the United States of America. The Declaration of Independence had been signed. This year, the planet Pluto makes a natal return to the exact position it was in when this document was signed. It has not done this since its signing, although it got quite close to doing so in 2020 before going "retrograde," which is the apparent "backwards motion" the planets exhibit from time to time as a consequence of living on the planet Earth and having a "faster orbit" than an outside planet. See Figure 1.

The basic meaning of both of these planets is what is termed "transpersonal," which means that matters are quite out of the hands of an individual.(“Transpersonal Planets n.d.) These are collective, spiritual effects. Uranus concerns freedom and its use, and spiritual awakening, while Pluto concerns power and its use. There is also a purgative effect that Pluto has where adjustments should have been made but were not.(“Pluto Astrology and The Planets n.d.) It is therefore, with the understanding of these planets and how they play into the backdrop of the birth of the United States that the Declaration of Independence is examined since Pluto’s natal return indicates that it is time for an evaluation of how power was used. 

If one should desire a more prosaic exploration of the subject, however, one can see clearly that the United States and the world at large have been undergoing significant unpleasant changes. In 2020, the emergence of Corona was clear. It created a life and death struggle for existence. The concomitant explanation for that crisis is that something concerning the air, speech, and health where Pluto is concerned was amiss. It is, a "warning", before the actual conjunction takes place. 

The President of the United States is referred to as the Chief Magistrate. The term "magistrate" was borrowed from the root word "magi" which ultimately traces its origins to Babylon and the Prophet Daniel who founded a school there for the understanding of celestial mechanics, prophecy, dreams, as well as occupying official governmental offices which necessitated one to understand as a fundamental principle the meaning of the stars.(“What the Bible Says about Daniel as Chief over Magi n.d.) Hold-over traditions of this concern the Sheriff stars that most police use. Sometimes it is six pointed, and sometimes it is seven pointed, and often times has other numbers of points, but the idea behind the badge or symbol was always that it indicated the person holding it was invested with authority concerning the laws of both heaven and then therefore Earth.(“What Is the Origin of the Sheriff’s Star?” n.d.) Therefore, the authority of legal offices in Rome, Babylon, and elsewhere rested on the harmonious understanding of heaven and Earth. It is clear that no one is doing this fundamental job, for reasons that will soon become evident further on in this document. A dictum of group dynamics applies here, if you look around and do not see anyone doing a specific job you are thinking of, odds are, the job is yours.

The US Natal Pluto Return

The Declaration of Independence Intentions

To understand what the document of the Declaration of Independence was intended to do, we must understand the "father" that created it. We inherit both spiritual merit and a lack of spiritual merit from those we regard as our family. Some are of a mind to call this karma, others call this the "sins of the father". Here it will be called "cause and effect."

Most all school children know that Thomas Jefferson architected the document we refer to as the Declaration of Independence. Jefferson would also write an alternative version of the Bible with all the miracles removed, and substitute his own natural causes of these events. Jefferson was probably a Deist, which is someone who believed in God, but saw God more as a force who was no longer involved in human affairs beyond "winding the clock" of the universe as it were.(“Jefferson’s Religious Beliefs Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello n.d.) The reason this position appealed to him was likely because it allowed the "Enlightenment" science views to have a footing. There was nothing, the Enlightenment promised, that could not be explained by reason and science. We might recognize versions of this belief in Einstein today, concerning the "God of Nature". Spinoza certainly might also have been somewhat similar. After the superstition of the many hundreds of years that came before Jefferson, the idea that everything had an explanation that was able to be apprehended by human nature and reason was quite seductive. This went from putting a man subject to the whims of mysterious forces he but little understood to putting a sufficiently smart man in control of his own destiny. The Declaration came out of the Enlightenment, and like the myth of Uranus involved the "castration" of the Father of the American colonies–that being King George.(“Castration of Uranus - Greek Mythology Link n.d.)

More concretely, however, Thomas, as per the Biblical precepts, was famously a skeptic. He employed a sort of empiricism to verify that YHSVH (Christian Jesus) had been crucified. He demanded, for instance, to feel the nail holes in the hands of the resurrected Messiah. We can then understand the architect of the Declaration of Independence as fulfilling this "doubting Thomas" archetype, which was somewhat allayed by the use of reason to bolster belief. Therefore, somewhat ironically, America and its religious freedom ideology was born of doubt and was instead "conceived in liberty" and appealed to reason. Another revolution would appeal to reason in a much different way not long after–that being the French Revolution which had the unfortunate side effect that if you could not see reason, you might simply lose your head.

Washington–Father of a Nation

Another American "father" we must understand is Washington. Jefferson might have been the architect, but Washington was the wrecking ball that allowed Jefferson to build. As it is widely known, Washington was a Mason, and Masons would be overtly behind the French Revolution and its appeal to reason, which, as we noted, if you could not agree to, got you decapitated.(“George Washington: The Most Famous Mason? Freemasons Community 2020) These events, in both the case of the American Revolution and the French Revolution, were directly related to the monarchy. People, for one reason or another, had lost faith in its ability to represent their best interests. Of course, another view would be that Masonic ideals through the enlightenment had permeated into what was previously the "non-ruling classes." Eventually, the idea of fraternity, reason, and equality led to an uprising which resulted in these monarchies being overturned. 

Since Washington was a Mason, however, it would be evident that his belief in God would have been formed in part by the principles of Masonry, which take the "Architect of the Universe" as a basis for many other beliefs inherent to what is called "the craft". As many of these matters are guarded by secret oaths, then it stands to reason that there were likely Masons who believed many diverse things, even though the fraternity was supposed to agree on fundamental truths about their beliefs. This would have formed the notion of what the idea of a "melting pot" would later become–that being many diverse people of differing beliefs being somehow united by their identity–later to be reckoned as Americans.

It should be obvious, however, that Masonry courts Egyptian sentiment heavily. For instance, the Washington Monument is, a large obelisk in the style of Egypt. American currency has pyramids and all seeing eyes and monuments in the style of temples quite evidently printed or minted on coins and dollars. Egypt was an empire that fell, and we are told a major contributing factor to that fall was that the empire had incurred the wrath of God. Therefore, while we can say Washington must certainly have believed in his causes, as he was the general putting his life at risk to face seemingly impossible odds and then winning, we can also say that the result of his efforts was to produce in the city named after him another version of Egypt which is the exact opposite of the concept of freedom, which also happens to be where the capital of the United States now rests.  

Jackson–a Fighter For the Voice of the People

In short, the fruit of our fathers, so far, belief-wise, is one of doubt and the other of bondage. Eventually, this would cause another crisis which flared under Jackson, who was also a Mason and formed what was the Democratic Party as we understood the term for probably something like one hundred and twenty years. We have already noted what Masonic beliefs formed, and indeed, close to where Jackson is buried there sits a Greek replica of the Parthenon.(“Nashville Parthenon n.d.) Jackson was supposed to, through his party, represent the will of the people–the every-day common person. Clearly, this representation is a microcosm of the Masonic ideal. Jackson, however, did this mainly through the lens of ancient Greece, which, though advanced as a civilization, eventually demonstrated that the voice of the people is sometimes wrong and can cause civil war in your country. Likewise, the Egyptian slavery issue was still present even though the nation was conceived as one of liberty and freedom. It would take another forty years or so to finally produce an epic crisis concerning that issue. 

The Civil War

Finally, the nation, almost a hundred years later, decides to deal with the slavery issue and does so through an all out war. The figures selected to bandage together some sort of unity against this shearing force are not all that surprisingly named Abraham and Mary. Andrew (Jackson), who came before, is another Biblical name. Andrew meant "man" and was a disciple of the Messiah, whose bones were allegedly sent to Scotland.(“Why St Andrew Is the Patron Saint of Scotland and Many Other Territories” n.d.) Jackson, the US Andrew, barely manages to hold the nation together but does fight the big banks at the expense of Native American genocide. Abraham and Mary Lincoln, however, would be instrumental in forming what would be considered a distinctly more Roman answer to the Greek counterpoint of Jackson. The difference between their philosophy and classical Rome, however, was that slaves should be free and equal with everyone else if there was to be a Republic that called itself free. Like some repeat of the Jewish diaspora in Egypt, Lincoln leads and wins independence and freedom for people of all colors as the letter of the law of the land. However, as a point of fact, it would take America at least another hundred years to really deal with what that victory meant.

Abraham, it will be remembered, was to be the father of many people, and Mary is most often associated with "bitterness or mother". The ending of this victory was tragic for both Abraham and Mary, and it set America back in its task of re-implementing itself as a country. In some cases, one could argue it still has not been able to complete reconstruction to this day. In summary, then, bondage and doubt birthed a voice of the people that desired victory for the common person while excluding certain classes of people as having liberty or even being persons. This eventually produced an Andrew, who had to fight a banking interest concerning the issue to hold the country together, and then, ultimately, an Abraham and a Mary to weld all the main pieces together to make the country consistent with its own stated laws and beliefs. This initial process took nearly a hundred years, and all of this was taking place as the piece of paper that founded the country read that "all men were created equal."

There is lively debate on what Lincoln believed, but it is clear he drew heavy inspiration from the Bible in a way that seems somewhat akin to what Quakers might have believed on some level.(Crothers 2018) Mary Todd, on the other hand, appeared to have beliefs that were somewhere between perhaps Episcopal and Presbyterian.(“What Was Mary Todd Lincolns Religion?” n.d.) Each of these people, despite what their individual views on religion were, seemed to fulfill some unknown calling when it came to the nation that can only be described as Biblical. Though the problems produced also came from these participants, the solutions were also lived by them. One cannot help but see, from this perspective, a larger hand steering the ship of the nation, which was dedicated to freedom but born in doubt and bondage. As a rather large emphasis on this fact, Lincoln had trouble with his own father with regard to the subject of slavery, and his father’s name also just so happened to be Thomas.

Lincoln Interrupted

Due to Lincoln’s assassination, he never got to officially undeclare Martial Law. Rather, Johnson, the president after him, restored civil law, including Habeas Corpus. Martial Law in effect puts the country under Admiralty Law, which does not function in a civil sense. Likewise, Habeas Corpus, which translates as "Body of Law,", creates a process whereby someone cannot be detained without being given reason for the detention. Lincoln suspended the whole civilian system since the country was in crisis, and as Chief Magistrate he argued that as head of military law as Commander in Chief, it was his right to do so if it helped preserve the Union and win the war.(“Habeas Corpus Suspension Act (1863)” 2022) It is important to keep in perspective that he made these suspensions on the basis of rebellion within the Union. This means that the nation as it existed before Lincoln was not necessarily the nation that existed after Lincoln. Rather, the Constitutional Law was suspended, and the Admiralty Law was implemented. Because Admiralty Law does not recognize Constitutional Rights, Lincoln declared it.People were using their constitutional rights in ways inconsistent with the Union that granted them in the first place. To preserve the union, he declared Martial Law. 

At the point Lincoln did this, he was the de facto head of the government and therefore the head of the entire country and the body of law that rested thereon. Since he was assassinated by rogue elements, at the point that he died, the country, in effect, at that moment, also died. His vice-president, who took over, was among those who had desired his destruction, which is a fact obscured by history. This would be a bit like Nixon resigning and having Himmler take charge and issue an order to revoke Martial Law. In that example, it is clear that Himmler, no matter what position he otherwise held and might be recognized as holding, lacked the authority to rescind the original order because he is, by nature and by substance, lacking the authority to do so. Rather, he is the very reason the order was given in the first place. Andrew Johnson was a Mason, and once again, we find an Andrew that fought, but did so in a divided way. The masters that Andrew Johnson served were many, but a careful examination of history shows that his interests were not those of the North or the South, but rather whatever got him into a position of power which he coveted.(“Did the Democrat Andrew Johnson Collude with John Wilkes Booth to Assasinate Abraham Lincoln to Bring about a Coup?” n.d.) 

This Andrew was more interested in keeping slavery intact AND working with some of the big banking interests that the former Andrew had fought hard against. From that point forward, a cabal was empowered that never should have been, and it has been toying with the laws of the country from that point forward, since it lacks the authority to make them and can only create the illusion that it has the authority instead. This cabal was, in part, why slavery had existed for so long in the first place. It found the cracks of bondage and doubt, and seeped into them like a noxious weed. Big banking had enjoined the voice of men, and that voice adored money.So, America since that point has had a succession of leaders who either played with the cabal, or did not. The ones who did not, most everyone knows, since they were assassinated in a similar manner to Lincoln.(EraOfLight 2020) Therefore, the nation was born in bondage and doubt, but had reddened its hands with the blood of the patriots who loved it the most, and wished it free and optimistic. Rights became rights so long as you could afford attorneys, or had dirt on someone else, or could make a threat sufficiently large to guarantee them. Certain groups had voices in the political process, and others did not. Equality and freedom for all were not at all what was happening. Rather, keeping your mouth shut and making the right powerful friends was gaining momentum. Most of the nation was, in theory, serving under Constitutional Law but was, in fact, serving under Admiralty Law. The only time the point might be made quite forcefully was if someone who was unlucky enough to have needed to have a case involving their rights took the time and considerable financial resources to fight something all the way to the Supreme Court. At this juncture, a constitutional right might be acknowledged. Of course, the court would first have to agree that the case had merit.

All of these conventions, incidentally, are moot should common law be enacted and one gather one’s peers together to decide a case in accordance with the dictates thereof. American justice systems are not fond of these procedures, however, as they operate outside of the sanctioned attorney/client model that is collectively agreed upon as being proper and follows from statute. Similarly to Lincoln, those with guns frequently refuse to submit to justice procedures, even if those procedures are correct and fundamental rights in and of themselves.If no one enforces a right, then everyone begins to overlook it or else not take it seriously.

The Original Insurrectionists


In each of our previous iterations, there were traitors and those who tried to play fast and loose with what it meant to have a constitution and a country. These people would be guilty of treason and acting against the interests of the country in one way or another. At the point of Lincoln, the actual insurrectionists take over, and claim to be following the Constitution and elections. What they neglect to mention, however, is that in order to get into that position, they had to commit murder. How can we have any rights if it is the case that if a person disagrees with you, they can then murder you? Is it not the case that murder, in such an instance, would be illegal under the very fundamental premise of what it means to have any rights at all? What does it mean to be free to pursue life and liberty if someone pursuing life and liberty decides to murder you?Is not murder the abrogation of these very rights? What does it say about your rights if people guilty of murdering someone they disagree with take the reins and steer the country? Does this not render the entire basis of the Constitution’s body of law null–particularly so when a group of people are guilty of conspiracy and murder but cover it up? Does our constitutional basis state that we only grant these rights to murderers and those who conspire with them, or does it say we are all free and equal? It should be clear that we cannot have any definition of lawfulness if the first principle on which everything else is based is lawlessness. 

A Solution

Though the Declaration, Bill of Rights, and Constitution are formidable documents that tell us what our rights and duties are in the United States, it is clear they have been hijacked by those who did not care to guard them. What can we do in such an instance? What good does it do to point out the problem with a model if there is no solution? I believe there is a solution, and I believe the source of the problem with our Declaration of Independence and body of law was a rather simple mistake that grew into a mess as time went forward. We cannot count on men to enforce just laws, nor even count on just men to be the ones making the laws. Rather, the original idea was to present a balance of power such that should any one area begin to become unbalanced, another area could, under the right conditions, remove or replace what had become malignant. The issue with even this balance is that, again, at the level of enforcement, if there are many people willing to murder your entire family should you take part in these powers, it creates a chilling effect on their use. Therefore, the fundamental problem is the enforcement of the laws and rights themselves. There is a very simple solution. 

Our current Constitution and Declaration are rather long, but they can be summarized rather succinctly by the so-called Golden Rule to "Do unto others". A better version of this might be to "Love one another as I have loved you," since the standard is placed on someone who understands the entire basis of the law quite clearly. Yet, we might amend this statement for reasons that will be clear later to "Love one another in such a manner as if you were the highest possible version of yourself." It becomes very clear when phrased like this that the highest love would not be to hold another in slavery, since slavery is ownership and has nothing at all necessarily to do with love. Likewise, the proper use of ways to defend oneself and one’s religious freedoms begins to fall into place rather naturally. 

This then moves us to our next point rather quickly. You should either be in the process of understanding the Messiah, whose name was YHSVH, and what He did and why, or else already believe in Him. This is a necessity to fully embrace the above Golden Rule, since you cannot possibly be the highest version of yourself without the help of the person in humanity who fulfilled the highest possible version of what it meant to be alive in a human body. 

It should be obvious here that there is no requirement for any specific form of religion to be adhered to concerning this matter. However, there are situations that are absurd, such as believing in YHSVH but not believing in the One who sent Him, which in this case is YHVH. Since YHVH is considered to be intrinsically Abrahamic, you may say that this is a fundamental limitation on what you can believe. You can believe in a lie, but you are not free to require anyone else to believe in a lie. This is the road that has led us to where we are now in terms of our Declaration of Independence and Constitution. While everyone, I believe, has their own understanding of YHVH and YHSVH, there is a firm metric in place in terms of expected behaviors and norms that allow for the maximum expression of freedom for everyone involved. The unique thing about the truth is that it does not require a belief in order to be true. It will continue to be true, whether or not someone believes it to be so. A person, on the other hand, has to really work to believe a lie since, by definition, it requires belief in its deception. If you say that you believe it is possible for you to love more highly than YHSVH without Him, then you have said you are more perfect than spiritual perfection and an improvement over the person YHVH picked to be His representative to the nations.

This structure, as a fundamental start, fixes one of the ongoing battles we have today–that of free speech.

Free Speech Fixed

As it currently stands, our nation is often headed by what amounts to murderous tiers of hydras. Hence, though you have the right to free speech, if you cannot use it in any online community, you really do not have free speech in actuality. You have it in theory. It would be a little like being told you can say anything you want to say, but just do not say anything at all. If you have a dispute in our current system, you face a long battle that might make it to a Supreme Court that might look at the Constitution if it is not being directly threatened by the aforementioned murderous hydra hierarchies, and it might decide that yes, your rights were infringed and you are due damages. This could happen, though, after about twelve years of your life have passed you by. The outcome is, of course, that your right was upheld, but you had to fight for the right that has already been fought for many times over. Someone, somewhere, decided to play a game with that right, usually in the interests of money. Why? Because the notion of what free speech means becomes quite unclear to people when they are not bound by the above aforementioned Golden Rule. Rather, their speech, which usually just so happens to make them money, becomes important, whereas everyone else has little to no platform on which to speak.

Free Speech Is Not...

There are current communities, usually of the 4 and 8chan types, that offer free speech. The issue, however, is that these areas are then gamed by people with ill intent. Nazis start posting remarks about antisemitism and others post about strange sexual desires that are most often unnatural, or else someone posts a manifesto and shoots up a shopping mall. None of these things would be permitted in the model of free speech as I am advocating it here in this paper. Why? Well, mass genocide and murder and ideologies that are based on them are clearly not free speech matters. Rather, they are a "you happen to like killing large groups of people you hate" matter. Unnatural sexual desires and illegal sexual preferences are nothing to build communities around since those matters are conditions of the spirit, which are sicknesses. In the same way we do not want a person with Ebola to go around shaking hands with people in town while they have the disease, sexual predators and their ilk do not get to disguise what is a perversion as a mere preference. Finally, if you intend on going out and shooting up a large number of people, then really, that is just another subset of murder. None of these issues conform to the "Golden Rule" as indicated above, or what Kant called the categorical imperative. Likewise, it should be obvious that vicious gossip does not count as free speech either. In cases where an accusation is made but it is not yet evident that the accusation is true, it makes sense to err on the side of the accusation being false until such time as the truth of the matter is made manifest.

Having said all of this, it should be noted that because an opinion is unpopular, that does not make it "hate speech". If a person is following the Golden Rule but they say something that is not popular, it could be that they are sounding a warning bell that needs to be heeded. The idea should be considered on its merits, and facts should be evaluated carefully and systematically. In this way, one has discussion that is truly free speech, and anyone who tries to subvert that free speech by posting something inherently evil to cause trouble has no place in such a community where such rules are defined.

Having stated all the above, the next sections will attempt to anticipate your most likely objections.

But I Am An Atheist And Do Not Believe in Any of the Above

Great! However, the bare minimum rule is to treat other people the way you would AS IF YOU WERE the highest version of yourself! You may find that your best without a belief in YHSVH simply is not good enough. To be sure, the yardstick is set at a very high level. If you don’t measure up, you won’t be able to participate in an online community that follows these rules or live in a country that follows these forms.There is mercy, of course, but at a certain point, that stretches thin. You may find, ultimately, that you prefer other atheist based communities without the Golden Rule being measured by a perfect human version. Of course, that logically does say something about yourself, and it might be worth considering what that is.

But You Are Forcing Your Beliefs...

Nope. There is the door. You are free to walk right out of it if you do not like these rules. We have tried everything else as a nation for well over two-hundred years, and we are still struggling with a very regressive, fundamental problem of NOT MURDERING ONE ANOTHER and LYING about it for power! It is time to move forward to something else.

But Where Am I To Go If Not Here...

I do not know. I sympathize with people who were born in a place or find themselves in a community and encounter rules such as these and find themselves unwelcome in their own homes, only because of first-hand experience of the same. I suppose the proper place is with others who believe that people without divine arbitrators can be good. That is the place to go. This, of course, is a lie, but if you believe in a lie, I can only see such a person belonging to others who believe in such things. Hopefully, the outcome of that is that you do not become a murderer or get murdered, but I am quite sure in such a land there are no guarantees.

I Really Do Not Like this...

Which part, the love part, the YHVH part, the YHSVH part? All of it? You could be demonic in nature. Naturally, demons are not going to like any of those concepts. Go find some demons to hang out with, and form your own community, nation, or state with your own rules. 

Humankind and Pluto

On a long enough timeline, one discovers that there is a Maker of the Universe. The gun, or enforcement, if you will, is Pluto making a natal return. It is far worse than any black powder weapon and could conceivably destroy the entire world and end time as we know it. This was always the case, as if a man does not willingly do justice, it is, sooner or later, enforced by external means or by the Divine Hand. While my love for murderers and people who do evil is rather low, I acknowledge that they are free to perform teshuva to make ammends for these deeds and make them right, if not for their own sakes, then for the sake of everyone on this beautiful "pale blue dot" we call the Earth. It should be sufficient to note that COVID was simply a "warm-up" glancing blow from Pluto, and not a head-on encounter, which is soon to take place. With the suggestions in this white paper, we can effectively "throw out" the majority of the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, as both of these documents become mostly obvious and redundant with the right perspective from YHVH and YHSVH. This also means we will do away with the majority of professional lawyers, as they will not be needed since the rules will be shorter. With these two rules and by putting a few guidelines on what free speech is and is not, we have already solved something all here in this white paper that has not been solved fully in the entire existence of the country. We may believe that this "forces" our beliefs, but as mentioned, if a thing is true, it is true regardless if anyone else believes it. If YHSVH was sent by YHVH for the sake of the world, then it is objectively true and capable of being vetted. The question is not a question for people actually seeking the truth, because the answer will quickly stare them in the face. The last 2,000 years have been mostly about being able to deny what is true, until the time YHVH decides to reveal what is true. Each day, we march to the fulfillment of what He has said, now more than ever. What an exciting, terrible time to be alive! The truth, as it is written, will set you free.

But of course, nobody has to take my word for it. Where Pluto is poised to return, it will cause another crisis for us to play another more extreme round of Truth or Consequences. I believe the way proposed in this paper, is far better and less likely to bring about the entire destruction of the world as we know it, and if you think that makes the content that of a raving lunatic or a zealot or a Zionist, then color me all of those things, because I would rather be on the side of something that in the end is attempting to preserve life than on something that sees it as a cheap commodity to throw away. After all, since you have now read this paper, you will no longer have the excuse of saying that you were not given the opportunity to think and know differently.

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