The Mazzaroth

What Is the Mazzaroth?

In keeping with my blog and “the year of the internet as the way it was with some crypto thrown in due to evil payment processors”, I am going toss in some links to other useful sites in addition to webrings. (these will appear at the top of the page) For you youngins out there, back in the beforetime of the internet, the search engines could find a given page, but were very bad at finding related material. Your best bet was to use the search engine to stumble into a given webpage, and then examine the links on that site to find other interesting items. The advantage of this method was that you were guaranteed a human being had read the material and probably interacted with the other human beings to which the material linked in some meaningful way. This allowed human beings to do what human beings do best–that is determine and interpret context for other human beings–and robots do what robots do best–which is mindlessly indexing seemingly thousands of unrelated stacks of information produced by human beings. At no point did robots index pages made by robots to sell marketing and ads. That was some Blade Runner crap, which was watched as Dystopian Fiction for amusement and cautionary tales. However, I digress. I’m here to focus on the Mazzaroth today, not the web of old–or AM I? (That’s a not very subtle segue) What’s that you say? Why, I am glad you asked, intrepid scholar! It is the night sky as interpreted by Hebrew people.

The Night Sky

The Night Sky, in no small way, forms the psychic culture of a collective people. The constellations have stories shared by the collective consciousness, and this in turn links to understandings of divinity and in the monotheistic culture of Hebrew people, YHVH. Modern Christians have lost this understanding because they have tried to “saw off” the Hebrew parts in favor of a Pauline doctrine that “does away with” Torah in an Old Testament variety. Since there is no way to understand the night sky and that “Signs” are posted there by YHVH, they can only view the Mazzaroth as being a subset of witchcraft or fortune-telling which is ironic since by doing that they are casting themselves as only understanding Hebrew culture as witches and fortune-tellers. To be sure, Hebrew culture contains witches and fortune-tellers, but what makes the culture specific in the Torah is that those things are forbidden and punished. Hence, the only way to view the night sky and interpret what it has to say without getting into trouble is to neither be a witch nor a fortune-teller. The word used that I think fits best is an old one which is “seer”, although that word later got updated to “prophet”. The Night Sky was the very first “internet” with related “pages” and “links” and had its own “usenet/bulletin board”. The study of this sky linked to other matters like letters and numbers and together formed an entire understanding of the culture.

My Study of the Mazzaroth

My own study of the Mazzaroth is not as deep as I would have preferred for it to be. Most often when I wear my astrologer hat, I have to jump through other cultures’ views on the heavens, and so I have to be able to translate “between” systems. If you have ever seen the movie inception where there is a dream in a dream in a dream, it is a little like that. The Mazzaroth, however, is the “master template” since it comes from the one True God. Why do I say that? I say that mostly because I have had long enough to study to know it. That is not to say that other views of the heavens are “not correct”. It is to say if someone wants to understand those other views there is only one view by which they will completely comprehend the nature of them.

Where One Scholar Leaves Off

Fortunately, although my own studies have often been interrupted or else necessarily linked to some other part of wandering Israel, there does exist a site that does a good job of explaining the Mazzaroth and its connections. Over at Robert William’s site there is a great foundation in Mazzaroth study. The constellations he has are linked to the letters, which in turn are linked to tribes. Mr. William’s site also gets into the complementary signs and how they link to prophecy. So, for instance, in a common astrology chart the sign of Leo is linked to the sign of Aquarius in that they are opposite signs. However, the sun has the “shadow” of the sign opposite it. So in the system outlined on Mr. William’s page, Deli is linked to Aryeh which are Leo and Aquarius respectively. If you look at the letters he has associated with the signs, you will notice some other connections that relate to Bible stories. You might, for instance, say that the letter for Aryeh looks a little like a sperm or a seed, and that the letter for Deli looks a little like a whale. Therefore, you might conclude that the “righteous seed of Jonah” will make a people who “repent” as a collective. “Aquarius”. You might also conclude that the use of the “fertile powers of the sun in the wrong way” might be something that has to be repented for should the “Sign of Jonah” appear in the sky. (An eclipse) In addition to all this, he has a beautiful poster (which I hope to be able to purchase) with all this information contained on it for a very reasonable price. Here is an image of it:


The Power of Interpretation

The power of interpretation changes radically when you have the ability to see what the “grand design” of any given tribe is supposed to be doing. You can then begin to figure out in other mythologies of the night sky what people are going to do relative to that movement. Therefore, in the above, we might say that Judah (leo) and Joseph(aquarius) are supposed to be heading the virgin that appeared after the solar eclipse such that sexual desire is used appropriately or “fruit-fullness” is put into proper perspective. How then do pagans see fruitfulness? Well, they might try to do some “not Torah authorized sexual ritual” that will produce health issues for them, for instance. In Polynesian cultures if the land was not yielding they would find a virgin sacrifice to throw into the volcano as an appeasement. Therefore, a burned offering was made. None of that is legal in the sense of Torah, of course, which is why those traditions are “pagan”. Human sacrifice post the Messiah is off the table. There is no “bigger” appeasement to be made or offered.

So, Go Buy His Poster!

Go support Mr. Williams and his research and buy his poster! Also, if you are interested in natal interpretation in the manner I have outlined above, well, I am not hard to find. (or maybe I am if you are trying to find me with robots) It will not be a cheap session, though, since I will likely have to interpret three natal charts at once–the psychological or tropical–the vedic or sidereal–and finally the Mazzaroth and how it links. If, on the other hand, you are pagan, well, that chart is cheaper in the sense that I do not have to interpret the chart AS MUCH, but the cost to you personally in your life rises so really, I suppose it balances out.

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