How To Do Nothing Well A Guide To Meditating Actively Second Edition


Meditation Book A La Carte

I have decided to release the e-versions of my book on meditation completely free. There is a catch, though. You gotta download it in torrent form! Why? Because really, if we want a better internet, we should start just doing it ourselves. Torrents are peer to peer meaning you do not have the middle man of the server acting like some sort of traffic cop between the person getting the file, and the person sending the file. There really is not a very good reason why most of the internet cannot work this way at this point, other than people having become accustomed to centralization and therefore censorship.

Why, That’s Right Generous of You, JB

Yes, I know. I’ve given away paper copies of the book previously, but not now. Instead, I am going to give away the digital bits, and if you want a paper copy, you are just gonna have to buy one. How are you going to do that? Well, download the torrent file and find out!

But Technology Makes Me Uncomfortable

Yeah, it pretty much has made the entire world uncomfortable. A real problem for meditation AND technology is an unwillingness for people to get out of their comfort zones. If you want to grow, you will find yourself feeling somewhat uncomfortable. It is the nature of growth that it does not feel exceedingly good when it is happening.

How Do I Download a Torrent?

You need a client, and you will need this magical file. Does this mean you have to trust me that I am not giving you a torrent laced with viruses? Yep, it sure does. But, here is a consolation for you. Microsoft has been doing that to you for years and calling it the Windows Operating System and making you purchase it. So, worst case scenario you went for a self-improvement book and accidentally got a computer virus. Best case scenario, I am not lying to you and you get the book for free and find some fabulous information you are not likely to find elsewhere.

But I Just Want to Give You Money For a Copy of the Book!

Bless you child. We once inhabited a world as simple as this, and then it got all messed up. You can go over here to find a link where you can purchase the paper version of the book. I will likely place a link in the navigation on the website in the future for this.

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