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Preface To How To Do Nothing Well


So much has happened since the last time I wrote about this topic. I had thought that when I had developed my last methodology that I had found the structure that would remain immutable since variations of it had existed for a very long time. Little did I know that the structure had already been changed by the time I discovered the previous one. It seems to always go that just when we think we have figured something out, we discover the universe is already ten-thousand jumps ahead of us.

One important piece of information is that when I last wrote about this topic, it was 2013 or after the Mayan End of the World. (that seems like something that should be all in capitals, right?) When it ended, everyone blew it off like nothing had happened. I was more reserved, personally. Sometimes great changes happen subtlety. These changes violate your expectations because if you fully knew what to look for you might try to get in the way. You, of course, would not succeed, but the point stands that expectations are the perceptions that form beliefs and color the interpretation of facts. Look at how drastically the world has changed since 2013! Perhaps it was not so much that the world changed so much as it was that we became more aware of what changes were taking place such that the old standard subterfuges would no longer work. Of course, certain happenings are undeniably different. Our climate is shifting drastically for instance. People have great difficulty agreeing on objective reality. The most recent hurricane reporting, that of Hurricane Dorian that stalled out over the Bahamas and proceeded to beat the snot out of everything there for 24 hours, is a case in point. People had difficulty deciding whether to evacuate because the facts regarding the track and direction of the storm were so volatile.

I also have undergone some change. It is quite one thing to develop your own style of meditation when you are a single man who has lived in relative seclusion for seven years. It is another when you are married and in the world. I have gotten married since this manual was first written. In some ways, you could say it turned the inner outward, and the outward inward. The marriage in a very real sense, became a meditation all its own. Likewise, I worked with and eventually co-owned with my wife a small metaphysical store called Alchemy where I sold this manual and performed hundreds of meditations using this as a guide. I sold many copies of this manual and the original technique works quite well. Why then am I updating it? Put differently, “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it”, right? Wrong.

Things are constantly changing. My own beliefs have undergone revision since my first foray into this book. Whereas I still reject Christianity as it is commonly practiced, I was led into an understanding of the Messiah YHSVH and the need for a sacrifice on behalf of ourselves. This has opened up new avenues of meditation since having YHSVH is like having an ultra-ascended master on speed dial (or instant text, for the younger generations). Whereas the Yogis in the past had to struggle to cultivate a thimble full of spiritual knowledge and to be able to then retain it for, by their own admission, many thousands of lives, YHSVH was able to overflow the cup in just one. Now, you might say “Well of course he did, because he was the Son of God”. Yes, Yes. That title necessarily must come with some high billing. However, it is not to be overlooked that he was ALSO mortal albeit in a way that most of us have difficulty understanding. The divine matter had to fuse with the physical clay. Indeed, after Baptism is when we hear the pronouncement that “This is my Son in whom I am well pleased”. What about before that? Well, something was clearly exceptionally different, but there is no testimony about his divine personage by YHVH until that moment except through prophecies foretelling the coming of such a One.

So, the best title for me nowadays is more Messianic Jewish, although that crowd most often hardly understands meditation or anything outside the standard unimaginative interpretations of scripture. Indeed, it is my prediction that people who identify as Messianic or Christian or whatever else are going to have to learn that the gifts of the Spirit do not work in tidy ways in the fashion they might like for them to. Indeed,if they do not learn these facts, many of them will be led astray–as it is written–by another who “appears to do similar acts”. How does one discern between one who appears to do such acts, versus one who is ACTUALLY doing the acts through the authority of Spirit? The only way for a person to do that is to develop their discernment and to test the fruits of the person doing the act.

The Bible, as my wife and I discovered, had encoded within it another layout for the chakra system of the “new man”. In other words, when the ages change, the structure of people change. The Adam Kadmon evolves.

My former method that I developed was based on what I will call a “solar bias”. In other words, since the sun is in the middle of our galaxy, then it makes sense to put the sun at the center of the body of man. Indeed, there is much to recommend this correspondence, but it is misguided. The basic issue concerns that the sun has much to do with incarnating into this realm in the flesh but also concerns the sin that causes you to incarnate here with which to start. In other words, the sun is supposed to be part of what tips you off that this realm is not “as it should be” from the perspective of spirit. That most children are born upside down is another hint. The final hint is that though we have individual wills, we are instructed not to use them in destructive ways but rather to put them down and follow the example set. Of course, your example may be something other than YHSVH, but the point remains that the will which is most often symbolized by the sun more often gets us into trouble than assists us in a benevolent way. Why? Because the realm is backwards. What is good to the body is often bad by the standard of the spirit. Those desires which are born of a false sense of what is good as Buddhism posits, are the seeds of sin. Under enough sun, that which is pleasant to the body is eventually the sole focus for those who are not spiritually inclined. For most, only crisis or death strips the focus from these sought pursuits. In some cases, not even that is sufficient to stop a misguided will.

Hence, Leonic influences, or those influences which we most often associate with Kings, tend generally toward the self and cause stagnation. Of course, there are other qualities such as courage and leadership and those qualities are good, but how do we remove the solar force from those qualities such that they trend toward a spiritual fulfillment as opposed to worldly pleasure solely?

The answer, it turns out, is to simply not use the sun, but rather a truer form of its essence which leads to spirit more readily. This blueprint was already put into place at the beginning of the Age of Pisces by YHSVH.

Who then will benefit by the use of this new technique? Well, everyone, although it tends toward a Messianic understanding. In other words, you do not have to yourself be a Messianic in order to derive a benefit from the practice of this meditation, but odds are that it will tend to show how it is that the Messiah functions or wishes you to function, or both. Hence, you probably do not want to use this method if you are one of those delicate creatures who is an atheist and hates God but still tries to use spiritual practices like Buddhism to foster “connection” or some other such scientific-sounding word.

This meditation goes where it wishes to go, so it is also best not to have any preconceptions as to what it will do but to be open to the experience and earnestly inquire after the results. Finally, if you are Messianic, this is probably the only book you will find that calls itself a meditation and links to the Shekinah or Holy Spirit in its methodology. For you, this book will be indispensable because it will widen your understanding of YHVH and sharpen you for the challenging times ahead.

The best endowment this book can give, in my opinion, other than the understanding it naturally tends toward, is to inject life and playfulness back into scripture and belief. In other words, there is still a world of magic out there that can be accessed. C.S. Lewis pointed some of that world out, but it is as though all the Christian world then immediately forgot it and instead only associates anything magical with Harry Potter which it can naturally rail against. In fact, many who rail against Harry Potter and are Christian are likely sharing more in common with him than they know. Being afraid of the spiritual realms is no excuse to try to extinguish them from existence. For every goblin, there is an angel. For every deception, a bright truth. It is not necessary for you to believe in these entities for them to exist. Rather, you only have to open your eyes to understand they they are there and always were. A good meditation simply reveals that which is normally lurking about, but that for whatever reason we wish to ignore. Sometimes it is emotional. Sometimes it is spiritual. Sometimes it is physical. All of these pieces form our experience and indeed, serve as our data array for navigating this realm as well as others. It is my earnest hope then that the methodology here allows you to enter into a more child-like wonder and to integrate the wisdom of serpents so that you become confident that though the world may be more vast than we give it credit for, we can have reasonable assurance that our place within it is sensible enough to us so that we can trust our perceptions about it whether they come in the form of dreams or sensory stimuli.

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