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Introduction To How To Do Nothing Well


Meditation is a discipline that has remained fairly consistent over time. The image of a guru with his fingertips touching or the palms of his hands overlapped is a widely recognized icon.

Yet, most meditation centers on focusing on the breathing, and not much else. This is certainly a beneficial meditation, but it is not a meditation that most people will be able to do much with, other than notice their breath, which is important.

A more active meditation, where a person does self-maintenance, seems paramount. In a busy world, although it might be helpful to notice one’s breathing for awhile, it is not sufficient to kick in the higher consciousness in such a way as to operate from that higher mind in most situations. People simply think of it as relaxing, and nothing more.

On the other hand, if there were a way to view meditation as interrogating different components of one’s soul, one could use such a method to bring themselves into spiritual alignment. By seeing each area and what that area does or does not do, one can begin to make changes to themselves by paying attention to the data streams within their own personal energy systems.

Usually, people tend to do this through sleep. Sleep allows certain energies to bubble up that are otherwise unnoticed, and for these images to be processed to varying levels. It is far better if a person can process these images in waking life, and learn to interrogate themselves and become conversant in their own “soul language” so they can understand themselves and when they are on track, or off track.

Instead of meditation being a simple relaxation, it becomes more like taking one’s car to the mechanic to be sure that the parts and pieces are still functioning as they should. By being able to do this, a person can prevent health trouble before it arises, and keep their own mind more peacefully centered. By taking each component bit by bit, and putting it in the place it should occupy, the spiritual self starts to flourish and many unexpected changes can take place inside. Likewise, by being familiar with one’s own energy systems, one can then take this knowledge and apply it to others such that they can help to heal both themselves and others.

This, it shall be noted, is a bit different than meditations in the past. The goal of this form of meditation is no less than complete self-knowledge. It takes time and practice, and one must learn a new way of thinking that is more symbolic in most cases than literal. However, if one takes the time to develop this, then the possibilities really begin to open up as a person steps into the fullness of their being.

The Energy Systems of the Body

The energy systems of the body are an old art. It is hard to say when they were first traced out, or by whom. The only thing that can be said is that many cultures across time separated by distance seem to arrive at their own version of the energy systems which share certain commonalities. They all map out the currents and areas that energy flows, or does not flow, and encourage it to move by various methods.

Yet, just what are these energy systems? Most mysticism falters with the language to describe them, much as it is difficult to describe any fundamental concept. If one tries to explain what an atom is to a non-scientist, one quickly discovers how concepts one takes for granted to build upon prove problematic to explain to others.

The easiest way to describe these systems is by analogy. There are “circuits” in the body, that conduct energy, much like electricity. The human body acts much like a crystal and conducts these currents in various ways. The ability for the body to conduct this electricity says something for the health of it, for where this circuitry jams is where disease or dysfunction is likely to manifest.

Where does this energy come from? God, the universe. Whatever. What matters is that it is there, and needs to be maintained. What mediates it is consciousness, although often the consciousness has fallen into the subconscious which is where meditation arrives to raise awareness of this situation and facilitate release.

Just how did these cultures map out these paths? Well, evidently at one point, people were better able to see them visually. However, even if one cannot see them, one can feel them. The easiest way to conceive of this is to think of how it feels when someone steps into the room when you are otherwise occupied. That feeling that someone is in the room is somewhat similar to sensing energy flows. You might not be able to describe exactly how you know what you know, but you know it nonetheless because you feel it.

A more immediate experiment concerns rubbing your hands together palms facing one another roughly an inch or so apart. Naturally, you will feel heat, but you will also feel a sort of tingling or “heat above the hotness” on the palms of both hands. This is chi, or energy, or whatever word you want to use to describe the sensation is. If you do not feel much of this in your hands, it is likely that you are blocked. Most people are blocked in one way or another, but some people because of the natural resilience of their energy systems, might still feel more energy here anyway.

I will now issue a blanket statement that should be the centerpiece of anyone doing healing work–all healing takes place within this energy system–whether it be through some method like meditation, Reiki, or surgery. How might surgery achieve this? Well, certainly, by the time one has reached the necessity of surgery, the energy system has been stagnant for awhile to the point it has manifested as physical disease. By intervening at the physical level, the solution sought is to “bust this stagnation” at the spiritual level. It is simply a “level down” from the origin of the problem–like remedying an issue with a blueprint of a home by first building it in physical reality and then altering the blueprint retroactively as rooms are added or knocked down. It makes more sense to make such changes at the blueprint as opposed to wasting time at the “slower level” of physical reality.

So, we can see and understand that the body is, in essence, energy. A big distributor of the energy through the various meridians are the chakras. Chakras are major points along the spine that spin in a wheel like fashion. They act much like cogs inside a machine. Their job is to take in energy from the outside, and distribute it inside, as much as possible through the meridians. (The Indian word for the energy channels is “nadis”.) The problem, as previously discussed, is that these meridians can become blocked from our consciousness. However, it is not always the case that our consciousness remembers why such blockages are there, because some blockages do not originate from the current life, but from some other life, somewhere else.

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