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New Edition of My Book

The last time I did a new edition of HTDNW3 (How To Do Nothing Well 3), I had just finished unsuccessfully trying to warn everyone of an impending judgment tied to the medical systems and food supplies and basic collapse of society. Hence, I was at a campground consistent with the plan, re-editing my First Edition in prep for the Second Edition and suddenly COVID broke out in earnest and paralyzed everything. I was not especially surprised to see any of this, since my message of “We should probably all be repenting and living differently” was falling on deaf ears. Covid was a really stupid answer to a very simple lack of giving a shit by people who had heard what I had to say.

I had also written various world leaders before this time telling them of the same basic issue. I bet you can guess how many replies I got back? So, now that I have written the THIRD Edition, I feel a little like the frontman of a “retard parade”. Yeah, I don’t care that it isn’t politically correct. Humanity is being “retarded” which means, in the original version of the word, “growth that is slowed down or arrested”. That is EXACTLY what humanity is doing–and what it is being–on an average day.

So Now the Third Edition

Now I have moved on to the Third Edition, which is more complete. Lest anyone says that I am doing spiritual stuff for money alone, (I’ve heard it before, mostly from people doing spiritual stuff for money alone) I have also put up a version of the book for free on the web. Eventually, as the digital cogs turn, the paper version should appear on all of your favorite terrible booksellers. I say “terrible” because I set the paperback price to 27 dollars which, after every digital store gets done taking their cut, leaves me with about 8 bucks per book for my “original meditation” that I so “graciously allowed” these places to print. (Really, it is about market penetration and signal spread) Edit: Those terrible companies wanted me to change the margin instead of just printing what Latex has all ready made perfectly formatted. Therefore, the book is available for print on demand through the Bookpatch. The digital distribution I am keeping on my end, and you can get the pdf version via crypto or Cashapp since I absolutely hate Stripe and refuse to use them as you can see elsewhere on my site. (Nevermind that I started the Church with their crowdfunding platform that apparently later became “too dangerous” for Stripe’s board of imbeciles) The book is being sold ultimately for the Church itself, since it outlines via the Dead Sea scrolls a disciplined meditation designed to allow a person to have a deeper relationship with Spirit.

Take My Money, I Want Your Book

Great! You are my kind of person. You can march yourself right over here and avail yourself of purchasing options which also includes the web-based free version if you are really cheap and/or poor or are the indecisive sort who wants information but does not want to support the source of it.

But You Don’t Sound Like a Meditation Guy…

I am EXACTLY what a “meditation guy” sounds like. If you tuned into spirits right now, you would find the majority of them are none-too-pleased. Most of them are miffed because humanity simply refuses to pay attention to what it knows it SHOULD be doing. You notice that I used the word “spirits” and not simply “Jesus”. The Holy Spirit is composed of “much more” than just the Christian expectation of the manifestation of spirit. Again, this amounts to trying to assert “control” over matters that God has set into motion. If YHVH decides, on a given day, to turn whatever He so pleases into a Living Being, He can do it. Not everything that He might do this to looks like “Christian Aryan Jesus”. Maybe it looks more Native American. Perhaps it looks Middle Eastern. Perhaps it is African American. Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps. The point to be made is nobody really knows what to expect until they meditate and see what they have waiting for them. Whether it is of Heaven or of Hell, it seems to me that either way, nobody is going to learn much about themselves or anyone else unless they first open up their eyes.

This Is the Part Where

This is the part where I am supposed to say how “Great” it was to write the Third Edition. It was “great”, but was a little like writing while riding a shark inside a tornado surrounded by flying snakes and scorpions. The book was written IN SPITE OF all of these distractions and outright machinations. The best I can say about it is directly to all those who interfered with its writing in the immortal words of Calvin Coolidge in reference to when someone bet him they could get him to say more than three words. His reply? “You Lose!".

Combine that with some Willy Wonka, “Good Day to you Sir!” and that is really the best summary I can provide.

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