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Gemini Protocol

There are lots of people out there that, in one way or another, are hankering for a more “innocent” version of the internet or at least what they remember as being a more innocent version of the internet. Mostly, what they really mean to say is that they are seeking a version of the internet “before advertising and corporations and tracking” and all manner of other things that the internet has become. Indeed, the early days were more exciting in the sense that one had to go to the library to seek out the kind of information that was available easily on the internet. Most of all, it was “free” like going to a library. Putting up copious amounts of ads would have made as much sense as putting up a bunch of billboards in the library reading room.

As might be expected then, there are some people out there who are trying to take the web “back” to a simpler time and one such effort is the Gemini Protocol.


Gemini of course, is a constellation, but in the case of project Gemini it concerns the space program by that name because–well because people that made the protocol wanted it to be retro-spacey, okay? Okay!

If you click on the link, you will see something called the “gopher protocol” mentioned as well which is/was a version of the internet that woulda/coulda/is still around. So Gemini is kinda like gopher, kinda like html, but all very stripped down in an almost “brutalist” way. However, for doing something like say, reading my new book, the Gemini experience offers something unparalleled in the modern internet. It offers a stripped down “content first” experience. Here, let me get a screen shot to show you what I mean:


See what I mean? That’s “gorgeous” in terms of internet reading and viewing.


In order to get the book “translated” to this form, I had to do quite a bit of work. For one thing, Gemini protocol only works with certain kinds of browsers. After experimenting around with several differing kinds I would say La Grange, which you see in the picture is by far the best aesthetic experience. The next thing I had to do was make the book consistent both with the Gemini protocol itself which is a bit like Markdown, and also make something called a “Gempub” file which is really a kind of “accepted format” for books written in the Gemini markup. Then, I tried forever to get the cover page to display handsomely on the page with the intro, but either found a lack of support or else some transient bug that will hopefully be missing in future iterations. Finally, after I did all that, I had to make an ssh key, and reach out to someone hosting Gemini services to publish the Gempub file. The host, incidentally, is a Gemini addres: gemini:// (reading an astrology chart for the sign of Gemini is magnitudes easier than the above chain of events)

So Where Is the Book?

Well, it is several places at this point, but if you want to go on the reading journey as God intended, (you do don’t you?) you should download the La Grange browser above and then head over to this link: gemini://

And Just to Be Hip/Cool

I also posted up a version of the book at this little “auction” place that uses “sats”–a type of cryptocurrency as an exchange. You can find the link here if that sort of thing interests you. When one’s Church/business whatever has been targeted or silenced, one gets to a point where one favors some other method of exchange than the usual kinds–which brings me to a final point.


…I was warning everyone about an incoming blood moon and financial crash. My wife, at that point, went to France, and after ascending a mystic mountain during the blood moon (I shit you not) she prayed for the return of land in Southern France to be returned to Occitania. Do you know what happened? Two days after she left the mountain the proposal for the south of France to be returned to Occitania was on the table. A year to the date of her ascent, the land was returned.

Occitania is famous for people who idolize Mary Magdalene and the Cathars, which were a Gnostic sect and the mountain has no shortage of people all around it who are wizards, warlocks, witches, or just garden-variety insane. The thing about all these people is that though they had ascended the mountain and prayed to what I presume are pagan Gods, the return of the land never seemed to result. Now of course, I am sure there are wizards who will tell you that it was they who brandishing magical wand and sigil brought the land back, and it JUST so happened to coincidentally be at the time my wife prayed for the return of the land that their “Great Work” completed. Perhaps they are correct. However, if it were the case they were correct, then surely they ought to have written something like my above meditation book long before now since it consists of the corpus of what are usually considered to be “Gnostic Works”. My interpretation of these works is not inherently Gnostic, but it surely does not preclude such an understanding. What I see happening instead around a land that experienced nothing short of a miracle is a bunch of nonsense ego-strutting. I have a feeling that was somewhat how and why the land was lost with which to start.

I figure, however, that an alternative internet independent of time with “lost gnostic works” in a “mysty bygone-time-period” full of warlocks, wizards, and witches is probably the “best possible place” for a book to exist on a protocol called “Gemini” such as this. Maybe you might even be able to say it exists in a kind of “mirror sense” to the mountain–weirdly magical and hopeful for a more innocent time that simply slipped from our grasp due to human greed and suspicion. I especially figure a book with the Gospel of Mary Magdalene and Thomas in it should be especially appropriate to and for this task. For all of that to be true, I do not need to be the King of the Wizards, or the Grand Magus or Bodhisattva incarnate. No, for all those things, I need no specific association with the land, the mountain, or the people. Instead, I simply need to become smaller and listen to what my heart tells me.

Indeed, America is in the same place, as is the world. Somehow, probably due to that “early warning” I sounded that everyone brushed off along with many additional soundings since, everyone has become deaf. And you know what? In the world of the deaf, the man with one working ear is king. Shema Israel, ADONAI Eloheinu, ADONAI Echad.

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