Know Your Privacy Rights


Some Days It Feels Like You Wake Up In The Twilight Zone

Today, one of the first things brought to my attention are various articles about how HIPPA does not prevent a business from asking about your Covid vaccination. The first thing that I thought about that was “Well, duh, HIPAA is mostly law about how hospitals and medical places have to handle your medical data.” In other words, if you transfer medical information around, how are places that get that data to handle the info? The legislation says “Very carefully!". So no, a business asking about your vaccination status has nothing to do with a HIPAA violation, because you would be voluntarily giving them the info. They do not all ready have access to said info from your healthcare provider. On the other hand, we can imagine a situation where it is a violation…hang on to your hats!

Excuse me, M’am, I Was Wondering If You Had An Abortion?


See what I did there? I simply changed the situation a little to discuss ABORTION–you know–killing the unborn because it is inconvenient in some way or another and with instant clarity you know your rights. Hell, you even get a slogan “My Body, My Rights!” Really? So like, I don’t HAVE to get the shot? Do you HAVE to get an abortion?

But That’s NOT the Same!

Sure, you say that your decision not to murder your child is your choice and it does not affect anyone else, right? What about all the people the kid could have interacted with, or societal things they might have done? You might just have deprived humanity of a Nobel prize winner, or a future politician who can help mend broken things. So, your abortion and your choice does, in point of fact, have a consequence to me. Let us not mention the whole “murder, guilty feeling” you are going to have that will form the nexus of the rest of your life experiences. In the same way, getting or not getting the vaccine affects others potentially. Why is that? Well, for certain abortion affects life in a way that you cannot undo it. The vaccine, though we cannot get firm science saying it works, most affects whether or not YOU personally get COVID. Why just you? Because at a certain point, as any doctor can tell you, herd immunity kicks in. If it does not kick in, something else is going on. So, at a certain saturation point of people with immunity which can came from getting the vaccine or not–whether you get the vaccine or not matters only to your life. Your body, your choice! Don’t like that fact? Too bad. My body, my choice! Right?

A Little Education On the Amendments

The 14th Amendment disallows discrimination to classes of people in addition to outlawing slavery. We fought a whole war over it. You should look it up sometime. The Ninth Amendment concerns protection of rights not otherwise written into the Bill of Rights. In other words, just because we could not think of every right does not therefore mean there are other rights which the document does not protect. When you put these things together you get fun legal precedent such as “A woman (gender class 14th amendment) has the right (9th amendment) to choose what she does with her body. (murdering the unborn). By the same magic we can say “People who do not want the vaccine (14th amendment) have the right (9th amendment) to refuse it. But it affects other people who might die? Tough shit! Give me back the Nobel Prize winner who would have come up with the vaccine to this within the first week that you aborted! Can’t do it? Well then, maybe this whole thing is more like a cultural kind of retribution from a power much greater than anyone here discussing things. Might oughta have a chat with /him/her/it and see what /he/she/it thinks. I did not capitalize those pronouns you noticed, because for all I know you may pray to a shoe.

As An Aside

Usually plagues have a certain curve to them. They do not keep “changing form relentlessly” especially when the news cycle shifts into a story that might be more interesting than the plague. If you are not yet smelling something rotten in Denmark, my guess is it is only because you all ready could not breathe.

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