Akashic Records and Blockchains


Akashic Records and Blockchains

If serendipity could be defined as the ability to find increasingly weird shit with relative ease, then I would say I am quite serendipitous. Shortly after writing my previous post, I stumbled onto a well-written blog by a fellow who I assume is named Luke Smith. If that’s not his name, he really missed out on being named that from a marketing/domain standpoint. (the domain is lukesmith.xyz). In his article he does two things I want to bring up here since I previously made a post about a similar theme.

From his article:

In the late 1800’s, there emerged a group of spiritualists and scammers called Theosophists, principally followers of the eccentric Helena Blavatsky.

This New Age religion was a mishmash of perennialism and invented secret eastern teachings (which Blavatsky claimed to have learned in a fabricated part of her life in Tibet), with significant parallels with other universalist sects like Freemasonry. It was one of the many spiritual vultures preying on the spiritually empty as the power of Christendom waned.

The Akashic Records were their idea of a cosmic repository of all reality, past, present and future. They contain every event of the universe from all past and all future. Theosophist psychics tried to “tap into” these records to attain universal and specific knowledge.

This information is correct to the extent that it describes the concept of the Akashic records. I would not be prepared to say that Blavatsky was a parasite/vulture, but I would be prepared to say that she definitely mired herself into some occult practices that did not turn out well, and that’s putting it lightly. The Freemasons mostly were re-utilizing the knowledge found most likely under the Temple mount in Israel in dubious ways and so were, ironically, using the “actual records” of how to build a temple from the library of Jerusalem. In both cases, there is an attempted utilization of knowledge, which in both scenarios seems to bring about more trouble than it solves.

The Akashic Records, though, are more complex than being simply a repository. Rather, a better way to think of them is like a hologram that records all the deeds of a thing in real time and can be played back from a first person perspective in total immersion. This becomes an important part of the definition for the next part of his article that I am going to quote:

…blockchains, as they come to maturity, are functioning as Akashic Records of our own invention.

Bitcoin’s blockchain is a necessarily public ledger of all past transactions, the origin of their funds, the wallets they interact with and more. People often erroneously think that the “crypto” in cryptocurrency means that information about it is somehow “cryptic” or hidden, but this is just ignorance.

Bitcoin is substantially worse for privacy than even the most corporate credit cards, since even then credit cards don’t broadcast your transactions publicly on the internet as bitcoin must do for all submitted transactions.

As time has gone on and projects such has Ethereum have developed, blockchain technology is employing these public ledgers for an ever wide range of tasks: decentralized computing, contracting and much more…

If blockchains continue developing as they are, they will gradually record and make publicly available every transaction, action and for that matter—idle word of every human. There are projects and coins for every segment of digital life, including storing and accessing files, watching videos, interacting with the internet of things and more. A combination of greed, stupidity and neophilia are leading us to disaster world that might not be able to be undone.

Here the definition is separated from the function. One could say, for instance, that the World Wide Web is serving the same function as blockchains and that blockchains are, if anything at the moment, the re-imagining of that space with the hope of eliminating the middlemen corporations that polluted the first/second version of the web.

So, I think Mr. Smith misses the most important threat of the blockchain for the purposes of religious alarm–it is not so much that it can function as an Akashic record–but rather that it can serve as something that provides a digital identity.


The identity proves to be key from the standpoint of the Bible because there are passages where the Messiah will turn people away and say “I never knew you.” This is a matter of identity which is what Peter did by denying he was a disciple and most often the disciple who appears in chains is Peter. (blockchain anyone?) Indeed, we all ready have experienced a situation where all of our deeds are on the web in the electronic sense which was part of what the Snowden revelations were disclosing–the extent to which that data is being used to try to persuade and control the population at large. So if anything, the blockchain could be used to exert an influence that causes people to deny the Messiah and therefore God which, eventually, can lead to a change in identity as a believer or as someone who was “saved” from the system that is doomed to destruction. Combine this with the idea of some manner of Musk-esque brain neural interface, and one can see why the blockchain could become a real problem. The original internet did not concern itself with the concept of money AS SUCH. It was more a vast library of weirdness. This next version though, intends to make sure commerce is woven into the fabric of its being. On the one hand, this could allow unparalleled freedom economically since it eliminates banks. On the other hand, anything digital can be controlled if someone wants to exert enough processing power.

The Rest of the Article

The rest of the post is spot on:

Transhumanists, as their name suggests, ultimately believe in what they might glowingly describe as humans “transcending their biology and psychology” or other cloudy terms. In reality, these people are pining for the death of humanity, or as some absurdly put it, “human civilization surviving [sic] in human-created AI.” This is actually the best case scenario of ‘transhumanism.’ If you think this comic is weird, wait until there are Matrix-style warehouses of pod-people hooked up to auto-masturbators. Acutally, you’ll realize in some senses, they’re already here.

They imagine husks of biological humanity, perfectly climate-controlled by vaccines, “augmentations,” and directly-injected stimulation and entertainment, embedded in a casket of metal for their entire lives. They imagine human-created robots, then totally de-tethered from their creators, exploring the universe and installing robot colonies on distant planets. In some perverted way, they call this genocidal conquest of humanity humanity itself, or humanity “improved.”

Yes, this is the goal for certain in one way or another. All of the discussion about “gender politics” and the like is part of that agenda. The Nephilm/giants did not have gender in a normal sense, since they were angels that fell to Earth. Because they did not belong here, they had grotesque bodies and when they bred, it caused the acting mother most often to die in labor. Because they did not come from here, they developed all manner of appetites and desires that were unnatural, and wound up becoming tyrant kings/queens that usually ate people or enslaved them or both.

All of these devices above are trying to “knock the soul out of” humanity, so these forces can run slip-shod over top of it and convert it to worshiping some image of humanity that is false. Mostly, it is using fear to try to bring this into play. Covid vaccines, for instance, hardly had anything to do with science and had much more to do with providing people a sense of perceived safety up until they started dropping dead of heart attacks. I suppose killing people does, at some point, stop a pandemic. However, people can just inject themselves with bleach and accomplish that end probably just as effectively.

A final concluding point from his article is worthy also of mentioning:

The reason that people like Richard Stallman continue ending up sounding prophetic about the dangerous of proprietary software is because they are serious enough to realize that programming is the closest mankind has ever come to wizardry and dark arts. With such supreme power and with such a lack of oversight (either by writing closed-source code or otherwise), even the most noble programmer can be easily seduced into flexing their Will-to-Power to do the absurd.

Not quite, but I am picking up what Mr. Smith is putting down. Stallman, it will be remembered, was in tight with MIT and trying to figure out if something might be wrong with pedophilia. So, Mr. Smith has the cart before the horse. Stallman was a programmer of some renown because he was all ready playing with people who were doing much darker things than programming could conjure. He was allowed to play with computers and develop technology to inspire other would-be magicians on down the road but of course he did have a moral awakening that maybe schtupping children is a “bad idea”. It is worth remembering also that the computer revolution really took off because of the Los Alamos scientists and countless cryptographers during World War II proved that computation could do impressive things–like cook your adversaries like a bowl of soup in a microwave–or break and reveal their confidential plans to destroy your country. Alarmingly, Stallman also happened to be a brilliant programmer. Sometimes intellectual giftedness comes with deeply benighted morality.

Wrapping Up

If one wants to blow the alarm on technology like the blockchain, one needs to understand the threat it presents, and how it is different than the web before. There is a one-off line Mr. Smith tosses into the mix concerning transhumanism:

This is the Gnostic Heresy reborn, but worse than original Gnostics, who at least believed in the structure beyond matter, and who consistently denigrated matter compared to it. These new Gnostics believe in creating this realm of ideas, but destroying and mutilating the human mind and body that they believe to be the very metric of value of this new realm. In a literal sense, they want to destroy nature, mankind and the universe as they know it.

No, no, it is not. Most Gnostic heresies end in the death of the Gnostics at the hands of some other institution that most often rhymes with the phrase “Catholic Church”. Those Gnostics most often die because they conclude this world is evil, and it is hard to argue against them. When Satan shows up to kill them, their attitude is usually “Thank goodness!” Satanic Gnostics, on the other hand, are more what Mr. Smith means and there is a drastic difference. Knowledge can come from the Messiah, or it can come from Satan. This is why one must be “wise as serpents and as gentle as doves.” The technology people are not especially wise, and definitely not gentle as doves. They are, however, very cunning as a general rule and are “increasing knowledge” just as it was foretold would happen before the “end of days”. That doesn’t mean, however, that I approve of them or wanna hang out with them and swap bitcoins or something. We are on different teams in important regards and anyone who is against that team ought to damn well be on mine.

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