Book Review Autopsy of an Empire

Remember the Eiggghtiiiess? Growing up in the eighties, most of the images of Russia in my world were limited to submarines, hammers and sickles, and many, many spies. The word “comrade” was meant to make you perk up your ears, and the word “revolution” when it came to Russia was about the same as referring to Nazi Germany. In other words, we were mostly taught the USSR was over there, and was most often unfriendly.

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Count No Man Happy...

The Words of Solon In the ancient world, stories were told as parables and aphorisms. Whether or not the subject matter was literally true, it was true in the eyes of wisdom, and so was true nonetheless. In some ways, one could argue that these stories were “truer than truth”. One such story concerns a King and a person who was usually accorded the quality of wisdom–Solon. I will quote the story below:

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Lincoln: Doris Kearns Goodwin: Review

Lincoln: Circa 2019 After what seems to be an unacceptably long time, I was finally able to finish the book on Lincoln that I got back in 2019 by Goodwin. I was not sure where to post this review as in the past I have used Goodreads, but I a sick of everyone else owning the information I write, so I figured that the best spot would be here on my website.

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Github: A Great Hijacked Idea

Github of Yore Human beings are inherently social creatures, for better or worse. When they are NOT being social, it is most often the case that there was some reason that led inexorably to their new default unsocial state. Github, then, the version-controlled codebase which is social, would seem to be the most prosocial network ever invented for a usually inherently anti-social people–computer programmers. My Github Entry I came into Github back when their structure was officially this:

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That Time I Was A State Representative

Once Upon A Time When I was about 16, I was elected as the state representative of Kentucky to go to Whitewater, Wisconsin and discuss World Affairs. I was one of two people selected to go, and it was, among other things, a very memorable experience. The time period of this journey was during the Clinton years, and there were two large things going on as far as regional concerns/competitions at that time.

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Know Your Privacy Rights

Some Days It Feels Like You Wake Up In The Twilight Zone Today, one of the first things brought to my attention are various articles about how HIPPA does not prevent a business from asking about your Covid vaccination. The first thing that I thought about that was “Well, duh, HIPAA is mostly law about how hospitals and medical places have to handle your medical data.” In other words, if you transfer medical information around, how are places that get that data to handle the info?

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Rebuilding The Tower Monty Python Style

Those That Build Before I even begin writing this post, there is necessary background. It comes from Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Yes, the classics. With this deep viewing follows a necessary axiom: Your users will never want nor be satisfied with what you build. Ever. Here is the next one: You are going to rebuild a tower over and over and over and each time you are going to convince yourself the software or solution is better.

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Restoring Lost Domains

A Podcast On A Previous Domain In about 2015/2016, my wife and I conceived of an idea to have an online podcast show. We decided to call it Nearly Sacred. As I mentioned on another post on this site, that website was attacked and then the domain was stolen. Keep in mind, this happened before Trump and de-platforming had become a common occurrence. The podcast discussed sacred matters such as things hidden and plain sight as well as the daily news and speculated on whether something may or may not be a conspiracy theory.

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Useful Astrology Software in the Open Source World

Open Source Astrology Software I have, in studying the realms of astrology, come across different programs or had cause to use one more so than another. I have always felt since the universe gives you your chart for free, the basic information ought to be available for free. Analysis, of course, requires expertise and experience. Such a thing is something that does not come for free since such a skill set is acquired at the expense of time.

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The Art of Starting New Things

The Web In The Beforetime In the later 90’s, the web was a place where people created things. There were no firm rules or search engine rankings or Twitter identities to incorporate. Rather, there were people making and creating and writing about matters they loved. There was no expectation for any of those creations to “do anything” and yet the result was that much of what was created was a remarkable well of knowledge from which one could find all manner of facts and inspiration.

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