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Pluto Thieves

Once Upon a Time Once upon a time, I was a psychology Major at Murray State University, which has now been relegated to “long ago”. I had a professor by the name of Alisha Ritter who was the resident PHD over introduction to research. Lecturing wise, Dr. Ritter was very polished. When it came to the epistemology of the basics, though, we had some disagreements. Though Dr. Ritter was right from an academic standpoint, she was wrong in a philosophical sense.

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Useful Astrology Software in the Open Source World

Open Source Astrology Software I have, in studying the realms of astrology, come across different programs or had cause to use one more so than another. I have always felt since the universe gives you your chart for free, the basic information ought to be available for free. Analysis, of course, requires expertise and experience. Such a thing is something that does not come for free since such a skill set is acquired at the expense of time.

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